Time; you can never go back, but I offer you pieces that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 
I’ve been across the country and back in the last 10 years taking pictures. From Baltimore to LA to Nashville, I’ve photographed everything from newborns to country music stars. But I’ve truly fallen in love with the unscripted moments. The look on a father’s face when he walks his baby girl down the aisle, a mother’s joyful tears as she helps her daughter into her wedding dress, a groom’s look of pure adoration when he locks eyes with his beloved bride.
 It’s moments like these that make my heart swell and make me absolutely love what I do! Take a look at my portfolio; the pieces of time I’ve captured for others and let me know how I can help you remember your special day.

Fun Facts: I married my college sweet heart ten years down the road. I am a new Mom and step-mom. A dog Mom to the lovely Miss Blanche. Coffee connoisseur. And I am ridiculously obsessed with the Golden Girls. 

About B.O.B